Terms for YouTube Premium

Once purchased. The subscription can not be cancelled as this is prepaid subscription.

Even we ourselves can’t cancel it from our end. It will only end at the prescribed expiry date.

Suppose you bought it on 15th January 2024. So it will end on 15th January 2025, exactly after 1 year. As for those who currently have a running subscription,  suppose your current subscription ends on 24th January 2024 but you bought the subscription from us on 15th January 2024, in that case. The 1 year will be start counting from the day your current subscription ends. So basically even if you buy it earlier from us, the subscription will start counting the 1 year from the 24th January 2024 and end on 24th January 2025.

We only accept PayPal Friends & Family and Bank Transfers. For PayPal F&F/ Bank Transfers, the cost is £60 for 1 Year Subscription.

If you want the buyer’s protection from PayPal then you can pay us via PayPal Goods & Services too, which comes with the buyer protection. But it will cost you £65.1 for 1 Year Subscription with PayPal Goods & Services.

Please do not ask for more discounts. Our prices are fixed.


Also we have a totally separate establishment for UK and the US. 


The PayPal connected to our site is mainly for our US based clients. So we don’t get the UK payments there.


You could argue on that as PayPal allows international payments so why don’t we want to take international payments. That is mainly because we won’t be able to track the orders correctly as we sell the YouTube Premium for $99 in the US and for £60 in the UK. That’s why we have separate PayPal accounts for both the country. You could connect to a US VPN and refresh our product page site. It will show you that it is $99 for 12 months.


Having separate accounts makes it easy for us to conduct the business and provide the best service to our customers otherwise it could get all mixed up.


Currently we don’t have the function in our website by which we can identify that where the customer is from and while checking out with a product, he gets the correct PayPal account according to his country to send the payment to so that’s why we are doing it manually after activating their subscriptions.


If you want to pay via Goods & Services we accept it too. It will cost £65.1 in total. We can’t keep it a round figure as £65 because it becomes £65.1 including the G&S charges by PayPal. If you want to pay via G&S then you’ll just have to say that in WhatsApp and we will make arrangements for you right away.